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Finding a house when moving abroad?

One of the most important things but also one of the most difficult things when moving abroad is finding a room/house. When you are moving abroad it is really important that you find a place that you can call home, Recruit4Work recognizes this and therefor found a way to help you find your future home.

Recruit4Work has a partnership with and With this we can help you find a house that meets all your needs. Both websites offer houses and rooms all over Europe for example in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Budapest and many more. You can find apartments that you can rent all by yourself but also rooms in houses that you share. The best part is that when renting a room via Recruit4Work on these websites you will get a 10% discount!

How does this work?

In order to get the 10% discount via you have to make a Recruit4Work VIP profile. You can sign up via the following link: With this link you can make the VIP profile and access all the houses/rooms housinganywhere has to offer and get that 10% discount!

Want to rent a room via  you only have to follow this link: and choose the room you want to rent in order to get that 10% discount!





So make the search for a house easier by using the partnerships of Recruit4Work to find the perfect house for your stay abroad!

Good luck! For more questions: or call +34-977436945


Post Author: Kimberly Minnaard