Q: How is my data handled?

A: We are fully GDPR compliant – for more information please sse our privacy policy

Q: What makes you different from other recruitment companies?

A: All of our employees are freelancers, this means we are more flexible, can improvise and can give you personalized attention in your own language.

Q: I’m a freelancer, can I work with you?

A: Depends on your area of expertise, we are always looking to grow our teams, please check our internal vacancies for any open opportunities.

Q: Can I talk to a recruiter in my native language?

A: Yes, most of the time this is possible, please let us know when you apply with us so we can make sure you speak to a recruiter in your native language. Though be aware, we have a lot of different nationalities but not all.

Q: How do I obtain my NIE? 

A: See our blogpost Working in Spain where we explain how you can obtain your NIE and what you need to be able to obtain it.

Q: In which regions do you offer recruitment services

A: We are active in Europe and we are able to source all European languages.  

Q: Can I speak to someone in my native language

A: Most likely yes, we have a very diverse team and collectively we speak almost all European languages. 

Q: Do we have to change our existing internal process when working with you

A: We take great care to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. We believe that it is vital to have a good candidate experience. 

Q: What kind of contract or commitments do we have to make to get started?

A: We work with a no cure no pay structure so you do not have any risk working with us. We do prepare a contract when we start working together so both parties are aligned on the agreements we have made. This is a painless process as we send everything digitally. 

Q: Do you work with exclusivity

A: In general we don’t work with exclusivity, however if your organization is looking into this we are certainly willing to discuss the possibilities with you! 

Q: What is your process like? 

A: We have a very simple process as your main contact person will help you with any questions you may have. Your contact person will also go through your vacancy so we know everything about your way of working, the position, and additional information that might help our recruiters into sourcing the right candidate.  

Q: Will I be in contact with your recruiters directly?

A: No, we have too many recruiters in our company for this to be feasible. When you start working with us you have 2 contact persons. One of our candidate coordinators and your account manager. The candidate coordinator checks is your main contact point for candidate specific questions (scheduling interviews / advancing in the process etc), while your account manager is there for high level questions like new projects or start dates. 

Q: Are you working with partnerships / other recruitment providers?
A: No we do not as we feel that there is always a gap in the information to perform a good qualification and have a seamless candidate experience.

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