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¡Hola! Fuengirola, a medium-sized city located on the South of Spain, is one of the most amazing places to visit and to live in. Lying on Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga, it is a municipality counting an estimate of 75 thousand inhabitants. The area of the city takes more than 10 square kilometres, and it´s a great tourist attraction to people from all around the world. A dream come true for a real traveller!

City Overview

The adventure starts in Fuengirola! Costa del Sol, a Spanish region on the South, is lucky to be a great point of attention for the visitors of Spain. In the centre of Costa del Sol, Fuengirola is a significant attraction to the nearby travellers. Including six kilometres long of beaches, the city touches the Mediterranean area with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea coast. The city is very popular and has geographical advantages – it is placed only 30 kilometres away from Malaga!


Fun to know

Fuengirola’s typical foods are skewers, gazpacho, fried fish, and band noodles!

Three buildings within the city belong to the Andalusian Heritage Institute: Opera Apartments, Municipal Swimming Pool, and the Gallery Building.



As Fuengirola lies in the Mediterranean area, the weather and climate are very pleasing for the warmth-lovers during most of the year. On average, Fuengirola and the nearby areas in Costa del Sol receive even 320 sunny days during the year. Because Fuengirola and the entire Mediterranean area is located closer to the equator than the North of Europe, it is way warmer, and the climate is perfect for a vacation all year round.

Summers in Fuengirola are very hot and enjoyable. The temperatures reach 30°C on average during a summer day, and the nights remain warm as well. The climate is considered more tropical than in the rest of Europe, and it is mostly very sunny.

During the winter it is way colder than during summer, but it is still a warm winter, where snow does not usually fall. The average winter temperature in Fuengirola drops a little below 10°C. It may rain sometimes.


Fuengirola is a city and a municipality laying in Southern Spain, in the middle of Costa del Sol, which is the coastal area close to Morocco. The city is a part of the Malaga province, which it is located very close to the city of Malaga. Malaga province lies on the Spanish border with the Mediterranean Sea and in Andalusia – the large autonomous area of the Spanish south.

Fuengirola is a big attraction when it comes to nature and the environment. The city has a place called Bioparc, which is a zoological park with various fauna and flora species. It is a beautiful place to visit and shows the harmony of nature.  In 2001, the zoo has opened the ¨tropical forest¨ feature. Bioparc’s area counts to 2 ha and has more than 140 different animal species.


The culture of Fuengirola is very noticeable. Fuengirola is a place consisting of a mix of cultures, including Andalusia, Morocco, Costa del Sol, and Malaga. So, there is a lot going on! The city´s main ethnicities are Roman, Phoenician, and Arab.

The city of Fuengirola was set up by Phoenicians, which has gotten the name Suel or Sohail. Later, the city was occupied by the Romans, which have changed the name to Fuengirola. Because Fuengirola is connected to multiple ethnicities throughout history, the city has a rich culture and mixed nationalities living there. Fuengirola makes a warm welcome for everyone, consisting of churches as well as mosques. Besides, the city includes different places full of different cultures.


Sohail Castle

One of the main attractions of Fuengirola is the great Sohail Castle (ES: Castillo Sohail). It is a castle built in X century (AD 956) and a symbol of the city. The construction happened by order of the Cordoban king Abd al-Rahman III when the city was still named Sohail. The castle’s main goal was to defend the city during a battle, but then the castle has left many ruins. Finally, the ruins were renovated and made the Sohail Castle a great historic attraction for tourists. It is very popular to walk a walking path around the castle and observe it from all sides.


When it comes to clubs and bars, Fuengirola will satisfy all different groups of people by having a wide range of nightlife attractions. There are many things to do during weekends, and the quality is very praised by the tourists, as well as locals. What we are able to see during the nightlife in Fuengirola are different bars, pubs, clubs, and more.

The city consists of great clubs, such as Alhambra Nightclub, Mai Tai, or Heaven´s Gate. These are open even up to 7 AM.

Are you a whisky lover? There are numerous British and Irish pubs, which are a big attraction for Spaniards. There are places like The London Pub (open to 3 AM), Old Town Café & Bar, or Pogs Old Irish Rock Bar. This type of bar is often more expensive.

A night out drinking in a local bar? A good idea would be to go to some of the well-known bars with good reviews. The best bars are Gea Terraza Bar, Speakeasy Jazz Club & Cocktails, and The Jigger Bar.



In Fuengirola, you are able to move everywhere quickly by bus or train. Because the city is considered rather medium-sized, it is easy to get to any place, and the trips are not taking long. Besides, taking a walk is a great opportunity to get to know the city!

The Bus station is located at the centre, which is very easy to reach. The bus station has an information counter, ticket automats, several cafes from a short distance, and lockers. The buses go to numerous destinations, including other big cities.

The urban busses have 5 lines in total and arrive every 15 minutes at every bus stop within the city. The bus stops are close to each other, so the whole city is very reachable from each location. There are also busses going to other cities, such as Sevilla, Madrid, Granada, or Ronda.

The trains of Fuengirola Station are established by Renfe. It is located right next to the Bus Station in the city. The train’s main destination is Malaga, as it is the largest location nearby. The trains are very reachable, disabled-friendly, and safe.




Fuengirola has a big range of houses, apartments, and rooms. The city is big and has many options to choose from. Its accommodations are rather cheap and there is always a wide choice.

Rooms in Fuengirola vary from €300 to €500 per month. The quality is mostly very high, and the people around are considered very friendly in there. Most rooms found on various websites are located within the city centre.

The studios in Fuengirola reach an average monthly rent of €600 and are mostly held in flats. There are many options and places to choose from. You can either seek a temporary studio or for an unlimited time.

Houses for rent within the city vary in quality, location, size, and therefore – price. The cheapest found house reaches €800 per month, while the most expensive ones may even get too few thousand euros.


Looking for accommodation in Fuengirola?

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The city of Fuengirola contains five medical centres. The medical centres are the places to check your health and go to when sick. These centres are privately owned, and you do not need the referral from the other centre in order to get in and have an appointment.  These are also reachable by public transportation. Because the medical centres in Fuengirola are private, it is possible to have to pay per visit.

The general healthcare in Fuengirola and Spain is very well-developed and efficient. There are enough ambulances and hospitals nearby. Spanish healthcare is considered one of the best ones in Europe. The staff of the hospitals and doctors are well-trained, and the medical centres contain high-quality technology. Since Fuengirola is not considered a big city and gives out rather the local atmosphere, it is possible that the doctors will know less English.

The city´s emergency number is 112.


Basic words

Buenos días Good morning
Buenas tardes Good afternoon
Perdone / Disculpe I’m sorry / Excuse me
¿Cómo estás? How are you?
No hablo espanol I don’t speak Spanish
¿Habla ingles? Do you speak English?
Adios Bye





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