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About us

Recruit4.work has developed very rapidly since its foundation in 2016 into an established leading European recruitment service provider. We are focused on recruiting and selecting highly specific candidates for a diverse group of European companies in several different industries.

For candidates we take care of the ‘next step’ in their career and providing them a new challenge in several countries and verticals

How we work

Recruit4.work will do more than just finding that absolute job for you.
We judge the person also at their personal and contactual abilities.

Will he/she fit within your organisation structure? Is he/she a real team player, will he/she show enough leadership to lead a larger unit, is it a real personality, and will he/she estimate that very special procedures characterizing your organisation? 

A company specialized in recruitment and selection will take those aspects seriously in the profile. 

Recruit4.work is such a company.

How we help you!

Recruit4.Work was built on four core values, and they are as relevant today as the day we began: honesty and clarity, proactivity, long-term relationships, and knowledge.
Honesty and clarity: We ensure these values are the basis of our interaction with everyone; clients, candidates, suppliers and each other. 

Proactivity: We are creative and solutions driven and don’t rely on existing methods. We are flexible, open to change and constantly question the status quo. 

Long-term relationships: We develop relationships with a view to forming successful and sustainable long term partnerships of mutual benefit. 

Knowledge: We continually build upon our in-depth understanding of the disciplines and sectors in which we operate.

Recruit4Work recruiters are experts at identifying rare candidates and attracting them to your business.

We employ an innovative and transparent process on every recruitment assignment undertaken to ensure exceptional results. This process works effectively whether we are recruiting a Finance Director for a large corporate, a Sales Director for a start-up, or a Managing Director for an SME, plus everything in between.

As a client, you can track our progress via a password protected area on our website. This ensures a totally transparent service where you are always in control. Above all you will start to see results very early on, and have confidence throughout. Our clients with multiple stakeholders or overseas offices find this feature particularly helpful.

Recruit4.work has developed very rapidly since its foundation in 2016 into an established recruitment and selection agency.


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