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City Blog Valletta

If you are looking to move to a city that has amazing weather, surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and where you can get by with English, then Valletta is the place to be! The stunning capital city of Malta, located below Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, has over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and has a warm Mediterranean climate.

Porto, Portugal, Boats, Boulevard

City Blog Porto

If you are thinking of moving to another city for work, Porto is a very good option. Many people are in love with this beautiful city because of the good weather, its history, culture and the world famous wine. Porto is becoming more and more popular.

Alicante, Spain, seaside, harbour

City Blog Alicante

Alicante is a beautiful city with a mix of daily life in the autonomous region of Valencia mixed with tourism. Alicante is still too often seen by tourism as a gateway to the seaside resorts on the Costa Blanca, while it can be such a nice final destination.

Lisbon, City, Portugal

City Blog Lisbon

If you are looking to move to a city where the weather is nice, the views are amazing and the people are super friendly, Lisbon is the place to be! Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal with a warm Mediterranean climate and over 300 days of sun throughout the year.


City Blog Calafell

Calafell is a beautiful village on the Spanish coast. Throughout the whole year lots of tourists visit this Mediterranean climate place to enjoy their vacation. If you are looking to relax in the sun while also exploring amazing sights, then Calafell is the place to be!


City Blog Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Barcelona is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast and has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Every year many tourists visit Barcelona for its outstanding football team, stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, buzzing nightlife, and famous Spanish cuisine. Barcelona attracts visitors from all over the world. It is not a surprise that expats call Barcelona their home away from home.


City Blog Malaga

Málaga is a wonderful destination. We are completely in love with this vibrant city because it has everything to offer. In the old centre you will find a lot of museums, culture, historical monuments, tapas bars, rooftop bars, nice squares, and very friendly locals, the Malagueños. In this blog we will give you some insights about the city, environment, activities, public transport, housing, and healthcare. We will provide you some links which give you even more information on the topics we are about to share with you.